Cannot access wifi with cracked pass

I have captured a WPA handshake from a nearby AP, and run it through oclhashcat to obtain the passphrase, however I'm unable to connect to it. I'm assuming I'm near enough as I was near enough to capture the handshake originally, and airodump-ng is giving a power level of around -60dBm. Adaptor is a Ralink 2870.
Everytime I try to authenticate, it just comes back with the password prompt again after a few seconds. Silly question but I am using the correct part of the hashcat ppt file as the password? I have something like ssid:bssid:???:password.

Any ideas? I'm sure the password hasn't been changed in the short time between me getting the handshake and cracking it, although I haven't recaptured yet.


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Cannot access wifi with cracked pass - by salmon1 - 03-05-2015, 03:38 AM