PLEASE HELP!_MASK with 8-20 abcABC123...
Thanx for answering!

Yess, the rest of options i know how to use- thanx.

__> I think the --increment-option (in the past: --increment-min/max=NUM) has changed to: pw-min/pw-max=NUM -  or do i misunderstand this?

--increment or -i is not listed in my version of hashcat in The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) Linux 2.0 if i use it there comes always an error-message that --increment is the false command.

So i was looking all the parameters listed in hashcat (0.49) and the only one i found (that works) is the pw-min/pw-max=NUM parameter instead. 

If i understand the manuals right than is "?d?l?u?d?l?u?" ... the right parameter to get all words and digits together!? So i don't understand your parameters at the end! Undecided

But just because i am a newbie- there are really many options in this genious program.

So maybe you could help me to get the right mask!? And maybe i can understand while learning by doing and thinking!?

So i want to know und use the best (various) parameter-mask to get ALL ABCabc1234...(without special charakters !"§$%&/...) to find the wpa-password that is something in between 9- 20 charakters of
BUT i want to skip (or not to have) the much 0000987732000 , or 12340000000 variations and use just the really full ones of (for example) B3c655fG921oOpDD18 ... or something like that.

Like you saying: To check ALL possibly variations it s to much time-intend! Maybe i could run hashcat than for many years!?! :-p

BUT maybe you (or others) know the right parameters to get nearly to this point where a bruteforce make sense!? This would be great.

Like my understandings i using know:

-m 2500 -a 3 --pw-min 9 --pw-max 16 XXL.hccap ?u?d?l?u?d?l?u?d?l?u?d?l?u?d?l?u

because this is all i understood from the manuals!
And it works (and needs soooo much time ;-) )

If --pw-min/-max=NUM the new parameter for increment is, than it makes sense- because it's not so long.

If the --increment-option is NOT away in hashcat and i choosed the false parameter, please tell me.

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