PLEASE HELP!_MASK with 8-20 abcABC123...
i tried your last recommend parameters but its just begginning with the lower ones without anything else.

BUT my question was also to use a parameter which makes the attacks randomly! For example: ABde3Fghij, 12fG20KKlmn, 1293455HG2920, 02ha5GhUms, 0192hskal2MWh9, 08Kad389,... and WITHOUT this useless 00011123333AB09 - with beginning of something and going to the logical end.

The universe (and the Quarwks :-p) like it randomly- do you know?!?

And the mathematic chance to get a positive result is much higher than this attacks like crunch.

NOBODY uses a Router password like 00001111333000 - or maybe the chance is less than winning a Million in Lottery! So WHERE is the parameter that shuffles the digits and ABCabc RANDOMLY during the attack?

Maybe it makes scence that it starts from 9, going to 10, and than to 11 charakters. but PLEASE with randomly output WITHOUT this nonsense PINs that NOBODY uses! ;-)

Is there a parameter like this??

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