PLEASE HELP!_MASK with 8-20 abcABC123...
If hashcat uses this random-algorithmus to shuffle the digits- i dont know. I can't see.

To get banned i am not afraid. I am allowed to use the handshake.
My neighbour and me have a "game" running:
I ask him to test his router for security holes and if i could crack it- he promised me 1 year free internet!
But after 2 weeks of bruteforcing and wps-attacks i think i give up! :-(

WPS was not succesfully: i got reaver with really tricky arguments to NOT kicked out from the router and it gets 90.91% but than running 2 days and nights without going on...

i think i have better things to do and my electricity company will be afraid: but i think his router is really saved. I tried a lot.
But of course: this is the legal sence for all this programs, ain't it!? : TO CHECK IF YOUR SECURITY IS VULNERABLE!

yes! The wps-holes are f ixed in many routers and reaver could be a thing of the past.

äääh, what means OP and what is the ETA??? :-p

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