Clustering Still Possible ??
Hey Hashcat users and Supporters, thanks for the great work,
I am using oclHashcat on a daily basis for cracking Domain Passwords on our network.
As well as checking the security.

Now i have some Questions left, and yes i googled a lot :-) 

Is it Still Possible to use Clustering for Hashact or oclHashcat ??? , the background:

In our Environment there are hundreds (minimum running at same time 265) of Workstations linked together over an real fast cisco network Infrastructure, they have not the best Graphic cards on board but each of them has min i7 Cpu.(intel) (yes i know GPU is much better, but thats not the point)

They are all running windows, but if needed i could change that. 
I´m the Domain Admin.
So my question is , would it be possible to install on each of them some software for clustering them all together (CPU and maybe GPU) to crack DCC2 and other Hashes??

Sure i know clustering but not in combination with hashcat or jon or ocl.

I already read some things about hashstack and Hashtopus as well crackloard but i can´t get the information wich would be the best option and how to setup.

I think hashstack would be the best ?? 

It would be much faster in my opinion to use all network computers to compute the passwords than using my Server.
So i would set him up as Broker and the rest as nodes. 

But how ? , which clustering is supported ??

I would be really happy if u could help me to get more power to these Projekt. 
Also i would pay some money to solve the problem for sure.

maybe u can help me, would be a real great thing.
Running all these computers for one instance must be powerful, its a bit also a dream so please help me :-)

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