ERROR: clCreateContext() : -2 : CL_UNKNOWN_ERROR
OK, from my little research it seems that Core 2 Duo 1st generation (Conroe/ Merom) and older P4 have no luck of using native Intel's OpenCL runtime libraries.

It seems that even from the first implementation of Intel's OpenCL CPU runtime the requirements were minimum SSE4.1 support.

On the other hand AMD supports even SSE2, so I installed latest AMD APP SDK v3.0 on my Core 2 Duo T7600.

The exact version is OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP 1800.8 (sse2)

The AMD OpenCL runtime doesn't recognize SSE3/SSSE3 of Core 2 Duo.

The benchmark results of some popular algorithms are disappointing though, but of course it works using --force switch

Hashtype: MD4

Speed.Dev.#1.: 61809.6 kH/s (109.87ms)

Hashtype: NTLM

Speed.Dev.#1.: 63067.8 kH/s (112.07ms)

Hashtype: LM

Speed.Dev.#1.: 10681.5 kH/s (97.68ms)

Hashtype: MD5

Speed.Dev.#1.: 47481.2 kH/s (98.56ms)

Hashtype: WPA/WPA2

Speed.Dev.#1.:     1209 H/s (101.04ms)

Hashtype: 7-Zip

Speed.Dev.#1.:       13 H/s (108.60ms)

Hashtype: Office 2013

Speed.Dev.#1.:       21 H/s (109.31ms)

Hashtype: Office 2010

Speed.Dev.#1.:       61 H/s (122.15ms)

Hashtype: CRC32

Speed.Dev.#1.: 79577.9 kH/s (108.16ms)

Hashtype: RAR3-hp

Speed.Dev.#1.:       89 H/s (67.43ms)

Hashtype: RAR5

Speed.Dev.#1.:       41 H/s (108.56ms)

I have a SSE4.1 Core 2 Duo that I could try AMD APP on it, but I would like to also test Intel's OpenCL runtime.

If someone has a link to download Intel OpenCL 2012 SDK or previous, I could give it a try.

I couldn't find those installers, Intel doesn't offer such old versions.

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