Problems with RAR archive
There is a free tool supporting all types of RAR cracking (with or without header encryption) called cRARk and it's heavily optimized for all CPU architectures, like AVX2, AVX, XOP, AES-NI for Intel Haswell and AMD Bulldozer processors.

It supports only 1 thread for CPU (no multicore) and only one GPU or CPU (not at the same time)

Also, no pause/resume.

Latest v5.1 supports x64 and CUDA for Nvidia cards and x64 and OpenCL for AMD
For Intel GPUs you have to download previous 5.0c version which works on Win 10 x64 latest driver.

Some benchmarks on RAR3 without header encryption:

Radeon 5750                             ~2500 pass/s
Intel HD4600@1.5GHz                 ~760 pass/s
Core i7-4790 (AVX2)                    ~700 pass/s (Single thread)
Nvidia GT610                              ~700 pass/s
Core i5-2400 (AVX)                      ~300 pass/s (Single thread)
Core 2 Duo@2.86GHz (SSE2)        ~200 pass/s (Single thread)

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