how to run hashcat legacy rules on new hashcat v3?
As far as I can tell, it is just the purge '@' rule, which only the CPU hashcat (now called legacy) has ever been able to run.

I don't know how many people have used my method of running all the GPU rules on a CPU hashcat, but then also running the CPU-only rules on the CPU hashcat.

On the first page, atom said that to get the purge rule would take some more effort, so may eventually be in hashcat v3, but what is puzzling is where he said it is unclear which rules might also not work. (My inner programmer is cringing with the concern that some rules may fail without being rejected, the "silent failure" type problem.)

If there are other rules that can't be programmed to work, the question may have to be posed "can we live without that rule?"

If the starting point was pure English words, and one had to arrive at passwords by rule alone, then not having the purge rule would be bad. But, since there are so many leaked lists now, there are likely enough resultant words from whatever mental transforms that the purge rule was meant to do, that the consequence in 2016 isn't that much.

For now, of course, the old CPU hashcat-legacy can be used for the rules v3 doesn't run, but I thought it would be an interesting research question for those who like to do research.

(I'm big on logging my runs, so want to be able to record that, e.g., the d3ad0ne.rule was run in its entirety against word list XYZ.txt.)

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