Plaintext within DES ECB mode 14000
I'm completely new to using Hashcat and I'm getting a "line-length exception" every time I try to enter plaintext within the new mode 14000.

jsteube's example on GitHub works fine for me:

hashcat64.exe -m 14000 cd674507b21e5ebe:1435662222276461 -a 3 hashcat1

The problem arises when I want to use plain text. If I convert the word "hello" using DES ECB with the same key of "hashcat1", I get the following: 88f756ee5f6836d3. However this doesn't work if I give the plaintext "hello" within the above command:

hashcat64.exe -m 14000 88f756ee5f6836d3:hello -a 3 hashcat1

Quote:Hash '88f756ee5f6836d3:hello': Line-length exception

What am I doing wrong? Does 14000 not support plaintext like this?

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