gaming laptop for occassionall hash cracking
I'm new to the subject and just making first steps to get the right hardware. 

I have some issues concerning choosing right laptop for hash cracking. 
Choosing laptop is a priority because I'm not planning to make cracking rig and tunnel to it remotely. Considering portability i've found few 14 inch gaming ones which could meet ocassional hash cracking. I've found MSI phantom pro and Aero 14 both with gtx 1060. As my laptop would also be used in office tasks it should last long on battey. For now I have no idea which one to choose. Any experience with these two would be appreciated.

But recently I've found some nice ultrabooks like 13inch big and with thunderbolt 3 port. I also consider such installation with external GPU but didn't found much info about performance on net or any reviews how does it behave. Are there any issues in such installation? Or should I go for gaming 14 inch laptop. In this case I have bussinees class hardware which can do the job.

Another question is if I can connect to MSI phantom pro with thunderbolt another nvidia GPU but eg different model 1080 and can hashcat use both internal and external GPU at same time for cracking?

Waiting for some advise.

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