Upgrade graphic card on PC, what to buy ?
Card is operating like a new one. Problem was bios that is not stock/original bios from the card, it was changed.. After I flash a factory bios card works as it should be, no problem in games I can play how much I wish.

But there is some thing worth mentioning :

1. Non factory bios about 50 degrees and 86500 combinations per second
2. Factory bios over 65 degrees and 93500 combinations per second

Since I don't play games at all I'm thinking to put an old bios on card again, I was just curious why games wont work. For my use a speed progress is not a big difference, but temperature is much lower !

Fan is faultu but it is turning around and cooling enough so it is not necessary to change, but I will change it just I'm waiting for a chance to grab some cheap fans.

Btw. I paid 30e for this card and I think it is buy of the year for me since used ones like this are 100e.

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