VTC Vertcoin wallet passphrase lost need help
Not sure what happened. I have what was supposed to be the password, but it is not working so I assume I must have typed it wrong or changed it and not updated where I wrote it down. I've exhausted all iterations I could think of and iterations of all other passwords.

I just downloaded hashcat and I can't find an option for VTC. There's options for bitcoin and litecoin, but I figure VTC uses a different algorithm?

Honestly, I'm super new to all of this. If there's any VTC experts here who can help point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. Willing to give some of what little VTC I have as a thank you of course.

Back to the password: I have a pretty good idea that it's a 9 character string and I can narrow it down to about 13 keys on the keyboard, not including both upper and lower, so more like 26 total.

If I changed it without writing it down... it could be as long as long as at least 13-25 and I know the longer it is the more futile it's going to be to chase this.

I have a pretty good idea of the keys I never use for passwords so I can make a good file to pull iterations from.
I have the wallet seed, but I obviously encrypted it. That means it's lost until I can figure out the password, yes?

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