Problems with speed of brute-force by GPU
Hello every one , can somebody help me with this problem ? 
The problem is that Hashcat 4.1.0. worked with low performance . 
I write code like that ↓  to try brute my own AP  and hashcat show me Speed.Dev.#1 25 H/s 
hashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 2500 -w 4 E:\wi-fi24.hccapx E:\Top204Thousand-WPA-probable-v2.txt

But , i have run Benchmark  and he show me 62330 H/s . 

I saw thah he write ↓ but when i give him larger wordlist (250MB) , it  have "freeze" on it
 The wordlist or mask that you are using is too small.
This means that hashcat cannot use the full parallel power of your device(s).
Unless you supply more work, your cracking speed will drop.
For tips on supplying more work, see:

Approaching final keyspace - workload adjusted.
Does anybody hawe any solutions ?
Thank you in advance! 

P.S. Hardware - i5 6300HQ , GTX 960m ( driver 391.01)

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