Having hashcat check certain websites for known hashes
(03-31-2018, 07:13 AM)xkcd3301 Wrote: Actually, there exists a tool for this purpose:
Not sure if it is necessary to integrate it into hashcat.
Also, keep in mind, that probably not all cracking rigs that use hashcat are directly connected to the Internet (IMHO).
I would recommend writing a simple script that first runs a query with popular sites, like the one I linked above, and than starts Hashcat with the specific options You require.

See, I could do that, or modify the source code of hashcat to check the various websites, but the whole idea was for everyone to benefit, some of these websites have a very, very large number of known hashes.    It'd be nice if we could fill in the missing ones.   Every time someone successfully cracked any hash, it'd be added to a website.   Eventually, there wouldn't be much cracking, or people would be using much, much stronger passwords I guess.

Whenever I successfully crack one that isn't added to the hashkiller website or whatever it is, I submit it.  But I don't think anyone there really adds them.   I still check the database for the hashes I submitted, and nadda.

Thanks for the link.

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