Speed issue with WPA2

New to hashcat I have a couple of questions for which I could not find answers.

1. I am trying to hash a WPA2 coming from a .hccapx (part of a CTF challenge) and I encounter some speed issues.
Standard speed is said to be at 1190.5 kH/s, but here is what I have with a MacbookPro :

* Device #1: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-xxxxx CPU @ 2.30GHz, skipped.
* Device #2: HD Graphics 4000, 384/1536 MB allocatable, 16MCU
* Device #3: GeForce GT 650M, 128/512 MB allocatable, 2MCU

Speed.Dev.#2.....:     2817 H/s (9.78ms)
Speed.Dev.#3.....:     4641 H/s (6.00ms)
Speed.Dev.#*.....:     7459 H/s

Masks or dictionary attack both keep speed at these values.
Switching to CPU+GPU with -D slightly increase the total speed to 12000 H/s but it is still 1k magnitude less than what it should be. I know a Macbook is not appropriate for hash but still, seems way to low. What could be the reason ? 

2. Meanwhile I firstly thought the encryption was WPA/PSK so I used the -m 2501 hash type but in Mask attack, all my masks are said to be "smaller than the minimum password length" although they have at least 9 characters. Should I provide something else to hashcat to hash PSK ?

3. Besides, I have over 500 hundreds lines in my .hcmask file. The estimated time is "1 days 20 hours" days for all. When I only use one line in the mask file, the estimated time stays the same. Does it only take into account the current guess.queue as if it was the only one ? (Same with Progress which seems to be related to the current guess.queue only)

Thanks for your help,


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