Low GPU utilization and how to cope with it
can you give some examples of what the left and right part look like in the hybrid attack.

I think your calculation is completely wrong.
you still have 24 masks on the left side and this number won't increase with the number of passwords on the right side.
masks != password candidates

if you have 24 masks and combine it with 56 "common domain names" , you still have 24 masks, you won't suddently have 1344 masks.

if we are talking about the overall number password candidates and/or keyspace (attention: hashcat has in fact a different definition of keyspace so please make always sure about which keyspace we are talking about) instead, you would need to analyze all masks on the left side and see how much password candidates each and every single masks covers and multiple this number by the 56 different words (and summing up all the different masks password candidates * 56 results for each and every mask).

My guess is that your masks are either not masks with huge keyspaces (e.g. with a lot of ?a?a?a... or ?b?b?b etc at the start) or you are confusing -a 7 with a combinator attack (-a 1) etc, which does not use one mask (file) and a dict ... but 2 dictionaries instead. This would explain slower speed.
But you also didn't really mention what setup you have and what the benchmarks / speeds are in your specific case.
Full examples of the left and right side and the command you use would be needed to troubleshoot this (also: did you use -w 3, -O etc ?).

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