Help with policygen/maskprocessor to create hcmask
(01-26-2019, 04:11 PM)philsmd Wrote: I literally just wrote what you should do for point #3

use maskprocessor with -q 2 as explained in my command above.

Yes and thank you.

The minimum value of 2 misguided me. It works  telling 'use max 2 consecutive chars that are the same' but it is actually using <2.

I tried putting everything together and it seems it loses around 10% of processing power but I will test it better on Monday.

Anyone good at math can help with 'how many candidates I'm testing from the 36^10 original pool'?
After removing the 5 consec chars (#2 in my first post) I had a hcmask file with around 720 masks.

Thanks again.

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