Hashcat Caching Previously Calculated Hashes
I am trying to crack passwords using hashcat using the straight mode (Dictionary Attack). I am trying to compare the speed of running hashcat against files that have different number of hashes using the same dictionary. I noticed that the first run takes a while and all consecutive runs finish very fast even if the files have more hashes than the first file. I assumed that hashcat stores the hashes of previously calculated entries and stores them somewhere in the RAM. ( I am not talking about the potfile because i delete the potfile after each run. Hashcat seems to store the calculated hashes even they weren't a match for the cracked list)

Is there a way to delete this cache, so that you can get a fair comparison between different runs (without rebooting)?


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Hashcat Caching Previously Calculated Hashes - by Yousif - 03-27-2019, 06:57 PM