Suggestion on second card to fit my motherboard
I was discussing on this forum purchasing two RTX 2070 Supers @ $500 each when I came across locally on Craigslist an open-but-never-used MSI Duke GTX 1070 ti 8GB card for $250 and picked that up. I found another lightly used 1070 ti for around $350 on eBay *but* the card is very large and my motherboard, a MSI Z77A-G41 (link), while having two PCI-e x16 slots, has an inconvenient layout whereby the on-board SATA connectors prevent the very large and heavy MSI Duke card from sitting in the second x16 slot without siting on cables and connectors. That is, the card is very deep and extends down towards the mobo entirely, allowing it to push against those SATA ports.

Can anyone recommend a second GPU that has either a smaller over-all footprint or that has at least the rear of the card's 'guts' raised up a bit so as to provide clearance for things on the motherboard? Or is there some other solution for this whereby I can raise the card up a bit?


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Suggestion on second card to fit my motherboard - by datacomplex - 08-30-2019, 10:17 PM