[PrinceProcessor] Trying to change --pw-max
Hi, folks.

I've been challenged to crack one of those dice-generated passphrases (portuguese words separated by spaces). I created an MD5 hash of the following string: "passaros banana montanha vista".

I have this very short wordlist that I'm passing to pp64 (merely for testing):


Each line ends with a whitespace, which is removed only from the end of the candidate phrase with a hashcat rule.

As you can see, the longest words are composed of 8 characters (9 characters if we count the trailing whitespace), and the maximum number of words in my combination is 4. So I need to set --pw-max to 36.

This is what happens when I do:

>>> pp64 --pw-max=36 --elem-cnt-min=4 --elem-cnt-max=4 -o res.txt < shortlist.dict

Value of --pw-max (36) must be smaller or equal than 32

I don't understand the reason for this limitation, as we're not brute-forcing, we're simply giving it a few elements to rearrange - a few words. Why does the length of the candidate combination matters?

If I set --pw-max to 32 or lower (and use smaller words to fit into that), pp64 will simply hang forever without errors. It creates an empty res.txt file and sits there, presumably stalled. It only runs successfully if I don't specify --pw-max, which keeps the default limit of 16 characters.

Additional info:
- pp64 was built from source, running on Arch Linux.

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