mask attack for non-repeating chars
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to crack one of my old wallet.dat passwords for a Bitcoin-fork network. The password (which was generated by Spideroak Encryptr) uses uppercase, lowercase, and all symbols, and is 12 characters long (which is standard for Encryptr). I have already extracted the password hash from the .dat file. Next, I am going to try a mask / brute force attack on it.

This is obviously going to be a challenge to crack, however, my glimmer of hope is that the characters never repeat. Here are some examples of auto-generated passwords similar to the one I am trying to crack:
  • R;A47w|gto?m
  • 8^KEZ8?.X/iM
  • rxMX8$cQ$4RZ
I have two questions:

  1. Am I correct in thinking that the non-repeating nature of the chars will make these passwords easier to crack with a mask / brute force attack?
  2. How would the mask attack script need to be written to specify this character set, but with non-repeating characters? I've examined some of the sample mask attacks but this one is a bit more complicated.
  3. How might I go about assessing the time this crack will take? I have access to lots of GPU power if needed, but am currently experimenting on a rig running 3x NVDA 1070.
Thank you to anyone who can help.

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