Speeding up WPA cracking with ruleset
I have (2) R9-290X cards in my system, which I feel does a great job.  I am getting close to 400K H/s while cracking WPA with a dictionary file.  I can run through a large dictionary file in about 5 minutes.  If I add the best64 ruleset, it takes about 8.5 hrs.  I hope I can phrase my questions properly, but here they are:

1.  I noticed that if I have two hashes in the same file to crack, it doubles the crack time.  That seems logical, but is there any way to optimize that?

2.  If I wanted to use the best64 ruleset, but I didn't wan't to use calculated passwords that are more than 12 characters, is there a way to do that?  My thinking is that would greatly reduce the possibilities, but still be very effective.

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