Hashcat running incorrectly and not using GPU.
Thank you. You seem to know about this the -a the reason for that is that is the only way I could get it to work same with switching the word list and hccapx. I've been running hashcat without a GPU. I bought one to speed it up and it's just been a problem. It doesn't work the same every way normally I run hashcat  -m 2500 -a 0 -r rule .hccapx wordlist -w 3.
What your seeing is it wont work like that at least not every time. The -a 3 is stupid but with -o that's the only way it will run I take out -o I have to switch hccapx and wordlist. Its driving me crazy depending on small changes and its mood I'm getting different results unless I take out the GPU then I can run it correctly, but if there's something wrong with the GPU that should be moot since Hashcat doesn't see it anyway at least I'm figuring. Then also the GPU does work with everything but Hashcat. If you look I run two tests for the GPU it shows and runs in both of them unless I'm wrong about the output. The GPU does work just not with Hashcat. If you read this and it gives you any ideas I would love to try them. This is totally killing me, when something isn't working I can just walk away  I need to get it to work. For the past four days I'm sleeping four hours a night the rest of the time I'm working on fixing it. What's happening just doesn't make any sense.

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