Whats up with this hardware
the mask in the pictures is different, the number of left hashes (but interestingly only one "salt" / network ??? so basically you already cracked all networks on one machine and some hashes are uncrackable because of wrong capture or user sent wrong password ?) in the screenshots are different etc etc etc

it would be more clever to just run a benchmark with
hashcat -m 2500 -b

It would be much more clever to make a fair comparison, instead of comparing apples to oranges.

You also do not show any device (at least not for all screenshots) that hashcat prints at the start of its output. Are the correct drivers installed as recommended on https://hashcat.net/hashcat/

The Nvidia GPU is probably much faster than the Intel GPU, that's not surprising... but for instance the OpenCL drivers for Intel Core and Xeon Processors seem to be not installed. so you are only comparing Nvidia GPU to Intel GPU.
(for the Acer screenshot, I can't really read anything)

BTW: the speed of laptop GPUs is not comparable to a non mobile GPU (in general)... cracking on a laptop is also discouraged because of throttling/airflow/cooling problems. You could destroy the notebook because of bad or missing cooling/fans (several notebooks do not have dedicated cooling solutions / fans for GPUs etc, they often share the same heatsink across CPU and GPU etc).
I'm also wondering if you really should go in the shop and try to install all drivers, hashcat, put a .hccapx file on that notebook for sale etc etc etc... it's neither a good and fair test, nor will the shop owner be very happy (except if you got a permission to do so)

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