AMD Radeon R9 M370X not being used, Mac
To tell the truth, this is actually quite a new problem (discovered after the recent 6.0.0. release) and the development team unfortunately has no such devices to debug with...

The github issue tries to find a solution, but until now the suggested solutions do NOT seem very clever or at least they do not target the root of the problem. Maybe you could contribute to this issue and try to find what exactly is "different" between these 2 devices (if it really is not the PCIe slot etc, which normally indicates that a device is different from another device on most other platforms and operating systems, see and , ,

Maybe we can distinguish the devices by number of processors (but the problem could be that some drivers could report slightly more cores/processors and that would make the comparison fail on other platforms or with other drivers):
if (src->device_processors != dst->device_processors) return false;

make clean
git pull
git checkout 5628317
# for base64 command you might need this on macOS:
# brew install coreutils
echo 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 | base64 -d > alias_fix.diff
git apply alias_fix.diff

./hashcat -m 500 -b

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