Brute Forcing LM/NTLM with non ASCII Characters
if you want to change kernel files that are using sha512_update_global_utf16le_swap into kernel files that use sha512_update_global_swap (without utf16le), you would need to change it for every attack type you need (all the OpenCL/m01000_a* kernel files, and do not forget to remove the kernel cache folder kernels/ before testing). When changing the kernel, you also need to change the input (with the correct encoding provided by the user, if hashcat shouldn't convert it internally).

This command works for me with -a 3:
hashcat -m 900 -a 3 --hex-charset THE_HASH_HERE 3d0435044204
note: that --encoding-to and --encoding-from only works for the -a 0 attack type

you could also use custom charsets if you like:
hashcat -m 900 -a 3 --hex-charset -1 3d3542 -2 04 THE_HASH_HERE ?1?2?1?2?1?2

Yeah, encoding is difficult to understand and the whole input and algorithm must be correct, otherwise it just won't crack.

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