Question about password recovery method
(10-19-2020, 09:42 PM)wellink Wrote: Hello! 
I have question about recovering password. Well, I know how long my password is and I remember first letter too. It's two words together and numbers and digits. It wasn't create by generator. My question is, which method can I use to recover this password? I tried dictionary method (my computer is still working on it...) and I'm wondering if it's something I don't know, what can help in this case. Or maybe I'm wrong and dictionary method is not appropriate in my situation? Can you help me? Smile


mask attack is ur best bet i guess.
u havent said that algorithm is it .
u know how long is it.
for example 10 chars. 

u know the first letter .
so its already 9 chars.

and u know (number and digit are the same thing) but lets say a word and a digit. 
u might remember the word ? or part of the word. 
or how many digit are they, 3? 2? 4? 
u know perhaps if u used upercase letters or lowercase letters ?

so from 10 chars we reduce the to 9,
u know there is 3 digit but cant remember whom 

so we start with 

hashcat -m x  -a3 hash  -1 ?l?u  m?1?1?1?1?1?d?d?d?d 

the calculation should be the number of letters POWER of candidate (chars)

abcd.... is 26 chars
ABCD... is another 26 chars
012345... is 10 chars.

for example  10 ^ 4 = 10000

by selecting the right mask that will reduce ur time .

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