List of technicolors, pattern?
Made this spreadsheet for technicolor routers.
It consists of WPA, WPS, MAC, SSID, Serial information i've been able to gather.

Will be updating the list regularly, i'm doing this mostly for science as i'm trying to determine if there there is a pattern
between the wpa/wps password and ssid/mac/serial of the router.

So far i have not been able to figure a pattern out but thought i'd share with others who might be curious.
The keyspace rules Technicolor-[0-9A-F][len10] does not seem to apply to the routers with model TG799Vac Xtream.

Note that the Mac address on the "MAC" field isn't the address for the WL accesspoint.
To get the address for the WL AP you need to modify the last character of the mac address field.
A4:B1:E9:01:CF:5A = A4:B1:E9:01:CF:5B
A4:B1:E9:01:CF:59 = A4:B1:E9:01:CF:5A
34:A3:47:01:22:25 = 34:A3:47:01:22:26

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