Blockchain wallet decrypt does not work i have PW
I ran into a similar issue.

./hashcat.bin -m 12700 -a 3 -O -w 3 wallet.aes.json --show

But "abcdef0123456789" was not the correct password.  The value after $544$... is the base64 decoded then hex encoded contents of wallet.aes.json via:  `php -r 'print implode("", unpack("H*", base64_decode(file_get_contents("wallet.aes.json")))) ."\n";'

Where are you using --base64?  Doesn't seem to be a valid option.

./hashcat.bin: unrecognized option '--base64'
Invalid argument specified.

(02-11-2021, 06:16 PM)duskull2021 Wrote: I have an old blockchain wallet that i forget the password on. I then used hashcat for days with no luck even though i knew some part of the password.

i then found the password and logged into my wallet. After that i created a straight password list with the correct password and hashcat DOES not find the password even though its right there in the wordlist.

something is broken here.


Since its an old wallet you when i use --base64 it finds an incorrect password. The password does not work but hashcat thinks it found a correct recovery.

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