Bitcoin Wallet password, which is the best method to recover ?
Hello Guys,

i'm glad to join this community, so here is my question :

I would like to know which one is the best and effective (and fastest maybe) method to recover a password from my old wallet.dat file (BTC) ?

Here is what i did :

Download the latest version of Hashcat, download python, then i copy pasted the bitcoin2john script into a new text file, then i used this script (which i found here : to create a walletHASH.txt file from my wallet.dat...

then i use this HASH file with this command :

hashcat-6.2.1>hashcat -a 3 -m 11300 wallethash2.txt ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a --increment --increment-min 1

i totally forgot my password as it's a very old wallet file which i found on an old HDD.

my question is, is this method i used one of the best way ? because i also saw that there are other attack modes, and also dictionary file, and rules files....

i found this file right here but i don't know if it's better than using a simple bruteforce from hashcat ??
Here is the rule file :
and here the rockyou dictionary file :

Please guys if you have any advices it would be very cool to know !
BTW i'm using an RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU.
I don't remember nothing from the password.

Big thanks !

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