Multi threaded Password List Generation
Hi new user here,

Im trying to recover a password for a friend, and Ive noticed when generating word lists only ONE CORE of my 5950x CPU pins at max, and the rest of the CPU is unused. My lists are blowing out to 250gb and taking a long time to generate. Im using a new samsung 990 pro NVMe drive for OS and word generation with 90% free space, so i dont think the drive is slowing down the list creation. Both Linux and Windows seem to only use a single core for world list generation. Also on laptop only a single core is utilized.

How can i get Hashcat to use ALL core when generating password lists? Can the GPU do list creation faster?

my code to create list
hashcat wordlist.txt -r toggles5.rule --stdout > pwlist.txt

I have noticed if i add parsort
hashcat wordlist.txt -r toggles5.rule --stdout | parsort -u > pwlist.txt
to remove duplicates when using multiple rules, it will sort using all cores as opposed to
| sort -u

But i still believe the inital list creation is single threaded.

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