Rules for Left and Right Dictionary
Is there a way to apply some simple rules to left and right dictionary during a combined dictionary attack (-a 1)?

There were options like -j and -k or --rule-left and --rule-right in oclhashcat previous version.

This feature is useful and it can be used to apply rules to both or either one of the left and right dictionary. Is there a workaround for this in oclhashcat-plus?

For instance, for a password like, 1boy2girls

it becomes very easy to crack if we can apply rules to both left and right dictionary.

prefix the words in both dictionaries with a single digit, something like ^?d

and run

something like this:

oclhashcat -m 0 -n 400 -j ^?d -k ^?d hashes.txt left_wl.txt right_wl.txt

So, if left_wl.txt has the word, boy and right_wl.txt has the word girls, this word can be cracked really easily.

Would it be possible to implement this or is there already a way to do it?

Note: I don't want to use a utility which allows me to generate such word combinations by running a combinator. I do not think that is an efficient method, its better to generate such words on the fly than first run a dictionary through a combinator and again use it in a combined dictionary attack. It is both time and disk space consuming.


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