ERROR: to much combinations possible
ubuntublues, I had a lot of trouble working all this out when I started and I know what it feels like.

I suggest you stick with it as hashcat is an awesome tool once you "get it".

atom has explained what you should do and he has written a wiki for people like us. However things can get lost in the translation from genius to mere mortals so I will try to bridge the gap as I am much further down the pecking order around here.

A simple explanation of what atom has said.

atom Wrote:use this mask with -a 3: password12?d?d?d?d?d

-a 3 is the attack mode and 3 = Brute-force

password12 This is the fixed part or known part of your password.

?d?d?d?d?d Anything with a ? in front of it means it is a place holder or something that will be changed by hashcat.

d = digit or number (see what atom did there ?) Smile so...

Hashcat reads the command as, brute force this password using the permanent text "password12" then append numbers 0-9 in order at each placeholder.

I think that is what you wanted to do isn't it ?

You edited your post as I posted and I notice you have added a hash on there. I suggest you remove it pretty quick or you will have more problems ! Sad

You can leave most of it there but replace some of it with "x".

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