This would be an awesome feature. Here is a sample hash:
Authorization: Digest username="ktxrk56yevb52dg4", realm="", nonce="f9230a7f-77e0-426e-83c4-cf3ffd9315a7", qop=auth, cnonce="prNDNtHQotLf1Vp", nc=00000103, uri="sip:", response="3b1c269c6e13644538304b6a8e5626ff", algorithm=MD5, password="y7zwayvt94pu4jc8"

which would be:

str1 = MD5("ktxrk56yevb52dg4:")
str2 = MD5("REGISTERConfusedip:")

final = MD5("$str1:f9230a7f-77e0-426e-83c4-cf3ffd9315a7:$str2")

Actually there are two forms of digest auth for sip. One that includes cnonce and one that doesn't. See the description here:

It turns out my example is of the type that does use cnonce.

The perl script to compute the 'qop' version of the sip digest is as follows:

use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex);

my $str1 = "ktxrk56yevb52dg4:";
my $str2 = "REGISTERConfusedip:";
my $nonce = ":f9230a7f-77e0-426e-83c4-cf3ffd9315a7:00000103:prNDNtHQotLf1Vp:auth:";

print md5_hex(md5_hex($str1) . $nonce . md5_hex($str2)) . "\n";

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