Trouble with getting Hashcat GUI to work
Yes, i figured it out just after posting, but it was just mistake on that printscreen... I had read all, and almost all is clear to me... Right now I have oclHashcatGUI running... I think my mistake is becouse of my weak eyes Wink it's ?l (? "L letter"), no ?1 (? "one number") - becouse right now with all default settings it's going with mask ?u?l?l?l?l?l etc.
One more question - Iv'e tried to to swap oclhashcat plus from GUI version with newer one, but it doesn't work. Is it normal? Or maybe i should just copy GUI command line and use it with newer version of oclHashcatPlus for better results?
Nevermind - i've just discovered, that support for my GPU was dropped. OK Smile
Best Regards!

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