Two questions about hash files and hybrid attack
(09-08-2012, 11:28 PM)23732 Wrote: Thanks for the answers, going to use all night on reading up on and creating rules ;-)

EDIT: So to do prepended and appended, I'll have to do "^$1", "^$2", "^$1" etc. ?
Not exactly. To prepend and append 1 to every wordlist, the rule would be
or for more clarity
^1 $1

However, since you will probably want to do all the combinations, you would be better doing 2 separate rule files: one file with rules that prepends all numbers and one file that append all numbers. You then put both in your command line. -r rulefile1 -r rulefile2.

Tip: If you include also the rule : (which means no change) to both files, you will cover the following situations:
- wordlist without any changes to the word
- wordlist with prepend only
- wordlist with append only
- wordlist with both prepend and append.

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