WPA uncracked by Oclhashcat-plus
I have captured a 4-way WPA handshake between a wireless station and wireless Access point.

The beacon frame as well as the 4 frames for the 4 way handshake are captured.

I know the password (key used to connect to Access Point) since I had set it on my own to test.

aircrack-ng is able to crack it. I have placed the password in a dictionary manually and then used aircrack-ng to crack it:

aircrack-ng -a 2 -w passwd.txt A601.cap

Now, I wanted to try it using oclhashcat-plus

So, I converted my PCAP to hccap (compatible with oclhashcat-plus).

In order to convert it to hccap I am using this site:


since I have not compiled the cap2hccap in Linux.

The website successfully generates the hccap file and when I use it to crack the password using oclhashcat-plus and the dictionary with correct password, it does not find it.

I am using Oclhashcat-plus 0.081. I know that it is not the latest version however it should be able to crack a WPA handshake.

here is the output from oclhashcat-plus:

Status.......: Exhausted
Input.Mode...: File (passwd.txt)
Hash.Target..: A601 (00:19:d2:58:fc:b2 <-> 94:44:52:f0:7c:12)
Hash.Type....: WPA/WPA2
Time.Running.: 3 secs
Time.Left....: 0 secs
Time.Util....: 3048.0ms/0.0ms Real/CPU, 0.0% idle
Speed........:    69954 c/s Real,        0 c/s GPU
Recovered....: 0/1 Digests, 0/1 Salts
Progress.....: 213486/213486 (100.00%)
Rejected.....: 268/213486 (0.13%)
HW.Monitor.#1:  0% GPU, 59c Temp

I am providing the PCAP file here so that you can test it.

Link to PCAP:

Here is the password for the Wireless Access Point: abominallyfoolish

You can place this password in your wordlist and try it along with oclhashcat-plus.

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