hashcat v0.44, oclHashcat-plus v0.14 and oclHashcat-lite v0.15
@Hash-IT, I do *not* think that there are only few people that use hashcat or oclHashcat anymore, instead I think there is a FAST increasing number of users *every* day...
Maybe atom has a number (i.e. an estimate) e.g. of the exact number of downloads etc for instance after the last release... I really think the user base is almost uncountable. YES it is, believe me!

What regards myself, I didn't post here so far (but I retweeted etc the news) because I thought I don't want to "just" say "Thank you" (what could be seen, at least in other forums, as spam and not very useful for others)... maybe here (in this forum) it is different and I *LIKE* that attitude if so.

But now my appreciation:
1. I stressed atom *a lot* the few days because of Cisco type4 etc (then there was also my x32 Nvidia problem that he fixed VERY quickly, I think it was this thread: http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-2040-page-3.html )
2. we had a lot to do to communicate to Cisco - Responsible Disclosure - etc.... and he WORKED/HELPed a lot!!! ... and to answer the dozens of mails of news magazine/blogs etc, again for Cisco sha256 type 4
3. he meanwhile implemented NetNTLM v1 / v2 (how could you make this @atom? during this busy time?)
4. he optimized NetNTLM wherever possible. AMAZING!!!
5. he (also) did several bug fixes etc (see trac)...

So the only thing left to say: THANK you, THANK you, THANK you atom.
Really great job!!! and very professional how you did handle all this problems (where I could be seen as a problem maker somehow,hehe)


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