Breaking Samsung Android Passwords/PIN
You just need to make the base conversion.... instead of base 10 (the numeric scale we most of the time use), here we/I did use (but ofc it is not striclty necessary) base 2 (to show what happens w/ the negative sign / bit).

Most of the calculators - not only hardware ones - can change the output format (the base) to 2 (such that only 0 and 1 is possible instead of 0-9).

There are also some web sites that let you convert to binary...

Anyway, it is a very simple way to do so, maybe this explains it:

Basically you just check is the original number >= the largest possible number, than we set a 1, else 0, subtracting the number if it was divisible and continue, always setting either 0 or 1.
Where in our case the largest possible number is 2^63 = 9223372036854775808, you continue by divinding this by 2 (since we use base 2)... always checking if the number fits (=> 1) or doesn't fit (=> 0).

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