Breaking Samsung Android Passwords/PIN
This is very easy to crack (and to find out what algo is used), you just need to investigate a little bit and make some tests, see my tests:
./oclHashcat64.bin --quiet -m 110 7baad69b719fe341bfb23b500abd1bf673070245:e99630554b0b7899 -a 3 4870

So basically the algo in use here is -m 110 = sha1($pass.$salt)

The same works also with MD5-based hash ( Wink ):

./oclHashcat64.bin --quiet -m 10 3556ba277abc4b98422e97b18b3f34b1:e99630554b0b7899 -a 3 4870

Of course it is preferred to crack MD5, because it should crack must faster.

Hope this helps... btw it is kind of off topic here since this are 2 very different algos (iterated + iteration count within the computation vs non-iterated algo)...
If we want to discuss this in further details, I would suggest that we split this discussion into a new thread.

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