after upgrade, hashcat is slow and pauses
(12-05-2013, 11:31 PM)ccole Wrote: Well I've tried everything to fix this problem. Finally I downgraded back to OpenCL 12.8, using oclHashcat-plus 0.12 and everything is back to working just like normal. I tried the newer driver as suggested (13.11 Beta), but that didn't work either.

Just for anybody else having the same problem, I guess the solution for now is to downgrade. No idea if the problem is in hashcat or in the OpenCL driver itself.
I was referring to oclhashcat's release not the new catalyst release. I don't remember olchashcat-plus 0.12 specifically but there was so many bug fixes and improvements since then that I don't see how it can be appealing. Worst case scenario, 0.14 should work for you.

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