How to set UTF-8 charset encoding in .hcchr file?
Thank you for link, but it is doesn't solved my problem. But it helps me to deeply understand the algorithm of the hashcat.
I downloaded file "Russian.charset" from link above and try to bruteforcing with it. Hashcat says to me:
Input.Mode: Mask (?1) [1]
Index.....: 0/1 (segment), 67 (words), 0 (bytes)
67 symbols (33 uppercase + 33 lowercase + symbol "â„–")! Wow, I thought, this is what I need! But I was wrong...
This is not 67 symbols. This is 67 different bytes in file. Such coincidence.
This means that for each byte of the searched word, hashcat will bruteforce 67 bytes from custom charset. It is very wasteful when using UTF-8 encoding. How did you solve this problem?
It would be perfect if the hashcat could take one symbol represented by multiple bytes, and inserts it also as multiple bytes in the searched word for computing the hash.
Also I read the topic:
It's good solution, but it is very difficult to apply for Russian language.

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