Joining 2 dictionaries together without bruteforcing one side
(11-23-2014, 01:06 PM)whattheflux Wrote:
(11-23-2014, 11:15 AM)bsec Wrote: Hi,
first of all in my post i've used the attached adj.txt & noun.txt ( that's all what i've found Tongue )

Quote:$ wc -l adj.txt noun.txt
1830 adj.txt
2396 noun.txt
4226 total

1- i've combined adj.txt & noun.txt using combinator.bin from hashcat utils, and used a perl script to check if length of the result is >= 5 & <= 61 (cause wpa password is between 8 (5+3) and 64 (61+3) the 3 is the 3 digit number that we'll be adding them to the generated plains ), the command i've used:
Quote:$ ./combinator.bin adj.txt noun.txt | perl -ne'if (length($_) >= 6 && length($_) <= 61' > com.list
theoretically, there's 1830*2396 = 4384680 combination without applying the length rule, after using the length rule:
Quote:$ wc -l com.list
4384680 com.list
the result still the same cause the aren't any combined work < 6 and > 61 in my lists.
2- creating the rule that would append the ?d?d?d for every word from com.list.
i've used maskproccesor to create it:
Quote:$ ./mp32.bin "$"?d"$"?d"$"?d > 1000.rule
3- lunching the attack:
Quote:./hashcat-cli32.bin -m 2500 -r 1000.rule com.list test.hccap

assuming that you're running the attack at speed of 500,000 h/s,
the time of running would be:
4384680000/(500000*3600) = 2.43 hour.
4384680000 is the number of plains that would be tested.
btw you could used the same attack but using hybrid attacking mode, and piping the result of combinator.

This is really great.
Thank you so much for your input.
It's definitely much nicer than my solution which was:

1. combinator.exe adjectives.txt nouns.txt > mixedwords.txt
2. mp64.exe -1 0123456789 ?1?1?1 -o 3digits.txt
3. combinator.exe mixedwords.txt 3digits.txt > netgearpasswords.txt

As you can imagine, the resulting list would have been gargantuan!!!
Glad for helping you, hope that you found the key.

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