hashes are recorded cracked, but no password.
ok I am rather new, so expect this to be something i am doing wrong.. but I don't see it.

Using oclHashCat 1.32 on windows 7 with an nvidia card (not expecting the fastest results)

my command line is

(have renamed the hashcat exe to HC64.exe)

HC64.exe -m 3000 -a 0 --potfile-disable --outfile-check-timer 0 --outfile-format=3 -o E:\Plains.txt E:\LMHash.txt C:\HC132\Wordlists\DBPass.txt

E:\Plains.txt is my target results file
E:\LMHash.txt is my LM Hash list
E:\DBPass.txt is my wordlist, contain exactly 3 password KNOWN to be in the list

The program runs without any apparent errors

I get 'Recovered....: 1/5101 (0.02%) Digests, 0/1 (0.00%) Salts'

when i look at the E:\Plains.txt

i see 1 <hash>:<no password>

It is finding the hash of one of the known password (i checked) and reporting it, but is not reporting the value of the cracked password... and only finding 1 of 3..

Any suggestions??


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