PHDays Hashrunner challenge 2015 - Writeup
I had a similar issue. If you downloaded the Window pre-compiled binary then you are unlikely to be using the latest bleeding jumbo. Try this command below and check the results:

john --list=format-tests --format=scrypt

If the result from the last line looks similar to the output below then it is not the latest bleeding jumbo.

scrypt  10    SCRYPT:16384:8:1:VHRuaXZOZ05INWJs:JjrOzA8pdPhLvLh8sY64fLLaAjFUwY
CXMmS16NXcn0BhlHpZJ3J2jcozCDM7t+sfjkgQ894R+f+ldVWM5atlkA==      password

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