WPA Specific Strategies, Stats and Lists

Thanks for the reply, that data is great, thanks for sharing, along with your site too... I hadn't seen it before. I will upload some hashes for sure. On the stats page it says the current round has over 3 years to complete though... is that how backlogged you are with hashes? If so, you've got a lot of hashes to audit my friend!

Epix, no doubt, totally agree. I wasn't talking speaking so much as to picking a target and focusing on it until it is cracked, but more in terms of general research and how to pick the low hanging fruit. The stats shared above give some great insight even though it is doesn't tell the whole picture (you only know what you know... the 85% that weren't cracked could paint a different picture of WPA key selection tendencies).

Edit: Hawaii, I misunderstood... I see you have a tool on their for distributed WPA checking. I will give it a whirl and let it run for a while when I have downtime on my rig. At first I thought you were asking just to add some hashes to add the to stats sample.

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