PLEASE HELP!_MASK with 8-20 abcABC123...
(11-24-2015, 02:31 AM)Subcortex Wrote: i tried your last recommend parameters but its just begginning with the lower ones without anything else.

BUT my question was also to use a parameter which makes the attacks randomly! For example: ABde3Fghij, 12fG20KKlmn, 1293455HG2920, 02ha5GhUms, 0192hskal2MWh9, 08Kad389,... and WITHOUT this useless 00011123333AB09 - with beginning of something and going to the logical end.

Maybe it makes scence that it starts from 9, going to 10, and than to 11 charakters. but PLEASE with randomly output WITHOUT this nonsense PINs that NOBODY uses! ;-)

Is there a parameter like this??

oclHashcat does this by default, not sure about CPU hashcat. oclHashcat uses Markov Chains to mix things up a bit - not totally random but not 0000,0001,0002,...,9998,9999 either (use --markov-disable if you really need it to progress using arithmetic progression).

Look, you're not going to hit any 9+ char WPA passwords with a CPU and brute-force. Maybe you'll get lucky with a dictionary attack. Do you have a graphics card you can use instead?

Also, you should remove your post about looking for someone to crack it for you - that'll get you banned.

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