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According to this, each ShenWei SW26010 processor, and this has 40k-odd, is comparable to an upcoming Intel Xeon Phi Knight's Landing CPU. 
Sadly, I don't keep up with hardware very much, certainly not the HPC stuff, so that means very little to me. 

If we assume that GPUs compare directly to these processors - which they don't, read what stepMode wrote - and that FLOPS gives a good idea of how well hardware will run hashcat - which it doesn't - then we get, using the epixoip's Titan X benchmarks as an example, from MD5: 16900 MH/s
According to this, a Titan X does about 7TFLOPS (I'm aware that this is SP, DP is far less, and that it doesn't matter anyway since hashcat does integer maths), so that's about 2414 MH/s / TFLOPS. 

This thing does 93,000 TFLOPS, so that gives a grand total of 224,502,000 MH/s, or 225 TH/s, which, as some friends of mine like to say, is "not too shabby". About 13k Titan Xs. 

How good is this estimate? Well, you saw everything I said about my assumptions being worse than bullshit. It's probably correct, to within 4 or 5 orders of magnitude. 

Lets not even think about having to compile hashcat for this, or the bottlenecks that storage and everything else would introduce, and just fantasise about having this baby to run for a few days.

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