Integer overflow detected while brute forcing
First, stop begging me to call you. I'm not going to call you or speak to you in private, I have no use for your words.

My problem, Kristoffer, is that you came out of nowhere and started posting over on the Hashkiller forums advertising that your company is selling Hashcat rigs, but you are not a part of the password cracking community, nor have you contributed anything to the password cracking community. You just registered on Hashcat forums today, and Hashkiller forums two days ago, for the sole purpose of peddling your wares and bolstering your post count to give the appearance that you are part of this community. And from the few posts you've made so far, it is abundantly clear that you have nowhere near the knowledge of Hashcat required to support it in a commercial setting, and quite possibly zero experience with password cracking as well. In fact, it looks like you're a cryptocurrency miner who has (only very recently) built just two rigs, so this is a niche which you surely know nothing about.

Digging into your background, trying to figure out who the fuck you are and where the fuck you came from, it is obvious that money is your sole motivation for selling Hashcat rigs. You have no love for Hashcat, nor any passion for password cracking. Worse than that, you're offering products that you know nothing about and can't possibly support at an unjustified premium, with absolutely no value-add. You're a charlatan of the same caliber as the SL3 scum that we chased out of our community years ago, and I have absolutely no respect for what you are doing.

Yes, I sell password cracking rigs, but I do not advertise my products on these forums, nor on IRC. I do occasionally mention the existence of my products, but I don't jump on here and beg people to buy my shit. And I certainly didn't join the community with the intention of selling anything; I got involved with Hashcat because it is the convergence of three of my favorite things: Infosec, HPC, and psychology. I was part of this community for three full years before I sold a single system, and I only started selling products because people recognized that I was the expert on the topic and reached out to me to replicate my successes. I didn't even make the fact that I was building and selling systems public for another full year after that, it was a fairly well-kept secret. But even after going commercial I continued to contribute greatly to this community, I have devoted tens of thousands of hours to supporting this community, and my company exists to serve the community. I am qualified to offer what I offer, and the solutions my company creates empowers the community and pushes the state-of-the-art. Hashcat is my life, and I love this community. These are my people, and here you are attempting to defraud them. Do you think I should look upon that favorably?

You severely misread the landscape of this market as well, I might add. You can study my website and leverage all of my prior work to offer hardware similar to mine, copy/paste my product descriptions and make your shit look like mine, tell people it's just like what I offer, but what you fail to realize is that people don't buy a solution from me because of the hardware, the software, or any other tangibility; they buy my solutions because of who I am, what I've done, and what I continue to do. They are buying me and my expertise -- the expertise that I have demonstrated time and time again with wisdom and knowledge which comes only from years of experience in this niche on an extremely large scale. You have no such reputation and no such expertise, you are not a password cracker, you have not done anything that qualifies you to offer what you are offering. You are a charlatan.

To be abundantly clear, this isn't about competition. I welcome competition, but if you intend to compete with me, you better fucking come correct. If Flomac or winxp5421 or literally anyone else who is an active member of this community decided to compete against me, I would welcome them with open arms, because I know that they are passionate about Hashcat and password cracking, I know that they have the expertise to support their products, and I know that they will continue to support and contribute to this community. But you? You have nothing to offer, you're just trying to make a quick buck. Really what you are saying by offering a product that you are not qualified to offer is that this community is full of idiots whom you intend to exploit. Again, do you think I should look upon that favorably? Do you think anyone in this community appreciates that?

So that, Kristoffer, is my problem. You're no different from all the other SL3 shitbags looking to exploit the community for personal profit. I highly suggest you go back to cryptocurrency mining or "pre-converging technologies" or whatever the fuck it is that you do, and stay away from our community.

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