Are we going to see a 72 gpu rack in 2020 :)?
(05-31-2017, 07:20 AM)epixoip Wrote: Yeah, I think he's misunderstanding what "rack" means in this context. 160 x GTX 1080 would be 20x 4U Brutalis systems in two 42U racks. The 10-GPU Klimax raises the rack density from 80 GPUs per rack to 100 GPUs per rack. It's an interesting system for sure, but there are several design aspects I'm skeptical of. I considered ordering one back when they were first mentioned on the forums a little over a year ago, but all of our focus right now is on our upcoming 9-GPU systems that will eventually replace the Brutalis.

in the mean time, did u saw asrock are going to release a mobo with 13 pci , the purpose of this mobo is ofc btc(or other mining) but that would be interesting to see how hashcat would work in such system , i must mention that would work only with risers

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